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Steps Toward The Future

Mission & Vision

The Mission: Focusing on now, Building for the future.

To offer the highest quality professional and affordable mental health/substance abuse therapy with the highest regard and respect given to the young resident's growth, recovery, and individuality.

Steps toward the Future, an adolescent program, strives to be provider of specialized, trauma-informed, services for the young person-served. In times of crisis and challenges, we give the youth and their families a place to restore their hope, transform their loves, and promote long term wellness and recovery.

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 Focusing on Now.

 Building for the Future.

What is a residential program?

A residential program is a 24/7 live-in center where treatment is given for the purpose of growth, transformation, and positive steps toward the future.

Enrollment into our program is all year round, where day-to-day operations run on an hourly basis. Your loved ones are properly fed, get the recommended amount of physical activity, and never miss their medication.

We develop a well-balanced routine so that even after leaving the program, they can keep those best practices handy.

Core Values


We are committed to operating the organization in a transparent, accountable, and ethical manner.


We are committed to treating our residents, volunteers, employees, and partners with respect, providing the highest level of regard for the invidual whether through customer service or accountability to all stakeholders.

Ethical Decision Making

We are committed to making ethical decisions and providing care that generates and sustains trust, responsibility, fairness, and is consistent with good citizenship.


Maintaining our facilities at a standard that provides for safety, security and efficiency.

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